For those who have fallen in love with the Boerboel breed and are a fan of it or want to have a faithful and strong friend, we suggest that you get to know these amazing four-legged ones better.

This ancient breed of dog belongs to the genus of mastiffs and surprises:

  • incredible power;
  • endurance and agility;
  • enviable plasticity;
  • instant reaction;
  • the ability to move at high speed;
  • guard qualities.

We prefer dogs with a large muscular corset and strong bones, a balanced temper, a moderate share of aggression towards strangers and animals, for whom the protection of the host family is the main goal.

Our representatives of the breed are distinguished by their excellent physique, correct exterior, compliance with the standards and their intended purpose – a favorite in the family, a faithful companion, a reliable protector and guard. In breeding, we use different lines of dogs to further improve not only external characteristics, but also intelligence. Therefore, our pets win exhibitions and championships, treat all family members with love, protect them not for life, but for death.

Our Boerboels Kennel carefully selects pairs when breeding, considering:

  • exterior;
  • origin;
  • temperament;
  • health;
  • progeny;
  • show career.

A well-thought-out breeding and rearing program is a guarantee of quality and breed. Only well-tested dogs that meet the defining characteristics of a breed, have a stable psyche, and can easily adapt to almost any conditions are allowed to mate. To improve our line for mating, we attract different males, while the selection of pairs does not affect:

  • pricing policy;
  • territorial location;
  • friendly relations.

Already, our family is waiting for replenishment, and you can reserve a baby who, upon reaching two months of age, will go to a new home.

Boerboel puppies are born and live in proper conditions, get full maternal upbringing, adapt to life in a group with fellow tribesmen. They are quick-witted, have a good memory, learn quickly, but at the same time they perform the commands thoughtfully, and not automatically.

Each baby is vaccinated and receives a veterinary passport, in which all marks about vaccinations and seals are affixed, has a stamp and a metric.

We love all our pets and help all graduates, regardless of where their fate will carry them. So that each member of the breed does not lose its unique qualities, we will take care of advice for new owners. Always tell and show you how to feed, grow, educate and train a new family member. Every day we discover something new in this wonderful breed and will be happy to share with you new knowledge. For us, Boerboel – the best dogs!